NexGeneGirls Hosts 3rd Annual Boot Camp for the Summer 2019 Cohort

Carin Zimmerman, Ph.D. of CCSF Biotechnology Program and NexGeneGirls at BootCamp.

NexGeneGirls hosted their 3rd annual Boot Camp for the Summer 2019 cohort of NexGeneGirls on Saturday, April 27th at City College of San Francisco – Mission Center.  Eleven Bay Area female high school students ranging from grades 10 to 12 reported to Boot Camp to learn lab techniques in biotechnology from CCSF instructor Dr. Carin Zimmerman and interns from the CCSF CIRM Stem Cell Technology program. At Boot Camp, they were instructed using protocols and reagents that were generously provided by BABEC.

Marlena Jackson, Executive Director of NexGeneGirls, and the 2019 summer cohort at Boot Camp.

NexGeneGirls provides opportunities for young girls of color from low income communities to develop skills and gain confidence in science. Students develop science and leadership skills while assisting with administering hands-on science workshops to middle school girls and working on independent science projects.

Understanding that the gender and diversity gap are significant challenges in the STEM field, NexGeneGirls provides an eight-week summer program for girls to “live and breathe” science research for 20-25 hours per week in a university environment at UCSF and San Francisco State University. NexGeneGirls has provided opportunities ranging from STEM events and internships for over 1000 young women since it was founded in 2011.

Through partnerships with organizations like UCSF, SF State, City College and BABEC, NexGeneGirls is able to leverage the assets of the broader community to help close the gender and diversity gap in the STEM field.

Jennielyn Dino-RossiNexGeneGirls Hosts 3rd Annual Boot Camp for the Summer 2019 Cohort