Getting Started Series Workshop-Oct 7th, 2017

On October 28th BABEC introduced the new getting started series with Bioscience lab skills that have been NGSS-ed. Dr. Ying Tsu engaged teachers with anchoring questions and investigating phenomena to drive instructions.



New and veteran teachers practiced micropipetting while creating art projects. The Electrophoresis lab included food dye to teach how molecules of dye migrate at different rate through a matrix based on their molecular structure, charge, and molecular weight. Teachers also extracted food coloring from Skittles and predicted what “known” dyes make up the color of Skittles.

Imene GhernatiGetting Started Series Workshop-Oct 7th, 2017

NGSS Rollout #4

On September 12-14 2017, Ying-Tsu went to the Alameda County NGSS Rollout #4 to further supplement BABEC’s understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards to make sure we are doing our fullest in updating our curricula to best fit into the scope of NGSS.

In the High School Biology breakout session, more concrete examples were given regarding phenomenon and the difference between anchoring and investigative phenomenon. Below are some resources:

Using the CA Science Framework to Implement NGSS
California 2016 Science Framework


Kitty MeiNGSS Rollout #4

Summer Vacation!

Oh, what a better way to enjoy summer than making sure our equipment is up to spec for circulation for the next school year. Many thanks to Mr. Jimmy Ikeda for lending us (letting us take over) space in his awesome classroom and lab for us to do this! 

This is just a snapshot of some of the equipment collected back from schools from the previous academic year that needs maintenance.


Maintaining all of our equipment requires collaboration from many sides (community, schools, teachers, and us) to make this happen and we are extremely grateful for all the help we get.

Much time and effort is spent on this maintenance project and is just part of how BABEC enjoys giving back to the community that helps with thrive.

With the help of our summer interns, we are ready to tackle the 2017-2018 school year!

(Which started two months ago…oops!)


Kitty MeiSummer Vacation!

From a consortium of groups all over the Bay Area collaborating to make bioscience more accessible to high school classrooms, BABEC continued to grow into our current day Community

We at BABEC would like to share bits and pieces about us to show that we care about what we do and how we do it

“Inspiring all students to engage in science by empowering all teachers”


(More posts to come soon!)

Kitty Mei