Equipment Kits

Curious about teaching biotech in your classroom, but don’t have the necessary equipment? Try one of our portable biotech laboratories! It has everything you need to implement our curriculum. The key to BABEC’s almost 20-year success lies in the fact that our portable laboratories embody a built-in scalable efficiency. They are mobile and move from classroom to classroom and school to school, permitting hands-on science experiences for students, without the high costs of a permanent lab. Instead of sitting permanently in one classroom all year, getting used only a few times, our educational science materials are used almost every week of the school year.  BABEC laboratory materials reach an exponentially greater number of students through this mechanism, helping to increase equity in science education.

Our Models

Full Portable Laboratories
In San Mateo County, teachers have access to our portable laboratories. This program includes all materials needed to teach a multi-week curriculum in biotechnology and biosciences: training, curriculum, equipment, reagents and classroom support. The portable laboratory contains 20-40 bins of equipment, depending on activities selected, and pickup and return are the responsibility of the participating school. Cost for participation is higher and is typically supported by the district administration. Currently, we have an opening for new schools/districts for these materials in the Fall semester.

A la carte
For teachers in search of laboratory equipment but not necessarily in need of a full portable have the option of ordering a la carte style. See below for all the options available.

Equipment Kits

BABEC offers the following general equipment starter kits, which varies depending on the curriculum. See below for supplemental reagent kits

Micropipette Kit


Electrophoresis Kit

8-well comb16
Gel Boxes8
Gel Casters8
Power Supply4
UV Transilluminator 1
UV Transilluminator Hood1

Bacterial Transformation Kit

Water Bath1
Styrofoam 6-hole Floatie 16


This PCR kit is meant for the following labs: Alu PV92, Mitochondrial DNA, D1S80, GMO and Wolbachia
Thermal Cycler1
Dry Heat Bath 1
20-well Heat Blocks2
Microtube Racks16
PCR Tube Racks16
Cap Locks40
Supplemental Reagent Kits

The following are additional reagents needed to complete the labs but are not provided with our Reagent Kits

Agarose Kit

Agarose Powder2.4 grams or 6 grams
Enough to make 300mL of agarose. "Getting Started" labs use 0.8% agarose and PCR labs use 2% agarose (except for D1S80)
50X TAE70 mLEnough to make 3.5L of 1X TAE buffer to make and run the gels.
1000X Gel Green300 µLTo be added directly to the melted agarose before pouring the gels.

Bacterial Transformation Reagent Supplement: Non-Inducible Plasmids

For pKiwi only. Please see below for inducible plasmids.
LB Agar 12 tabletsMakes two 300mL bottles, one each for: LB and LB/Amp plates. Each bottle is enough to pour roughly 20-30 plates.
Ampicillin (10 mg/mL)3 mLFor LB/Amp plates
60mm plates3 sleeves, 20 per sleeveOne sleeve each for LB and LB/Amp plates; the third is an extra.

Bacterial Transformation Reagent Supplement: Inducible Plasmids

This supplemental reagent kit is meant for those doing pGLO or the pColors series
LB Agar 18 tabletsMakes three 300mL bottles, one each for: LB, LB/Amp, and LB/Amp/Ara plates. Each bottle is enough for roughly 20-30 plates.
Ampicillin (10 mg/mL)6 mLFor LB/Amp and LB/Amp/Ara plates
Arabinose (200 mg/mL)3 mLFor LB/Amp/Ara plates
60mm plates4 sleeves, 20 per sleeveOne sleeve each for LB, LB/Amp, and LB/Amp/Ara plates; the forth is an extra.
Supplemental Consumable Kits

These are some of the plastic consumable kits BABEC offers. Please contact us if there are consumables you need but not listed here.

Bacterial Transformation Consumables Kit

This kit is meant for those who are interested in doing the Bacterial Transformation Curricula but are not using micropipettes.
Transfer Pipettes – 300 µL50
Transfer Pipettes – 1 mL4
Loops 30Double ends – 1 µL and 10 µL

Pipette Tip Starter Kit

This kit is for those who are looking into starting their own selection of pipette tips, as in you will keep the boxes when you are done with them. If you are looking for just the tip refills, please look below for customizable options.
Yellow Tips16 boxesFor p20s and p200s
Blue Tips16 BoxesFor p1000s

Other Plastic Consumables

Please let us know which items you need.
ItemQuantity Notes
Yellow Tips1 Bag of 1000For p20s and p200s
Blues Tips1 Bag of 1000For p1000s
1.7 mL Tubes100 Tubes or 200 TubesMeasured by weight
0.2 mL Tubes (PCR Tubes)100 TubesMeasured by weight
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