Let’s Move It! Gel Electrophoresis Using Food Dyes

The third of the “Getting Started” series introduces students to the fundamental concept of electrophoresis by watching a video depicting the phenomenon of food dye molecule migration. Students then do a jigsaw reading about electrophoresis, predict the movement of the various food dyes by examining the molecular weight and structure then perform the experiment to determine if their prediction is correct. The lesson finishes by predicting the dye found in Skittles, extracting the dye from the candy then running it on a gel to analyze the results.


Gel Electrophoresis Student Guide

Additional Resources

Dye Electrophoresis Time Lapse Video
Dye Migration – From 4:09-4:18
How to Set-up and Load a Gel
Improper Gel Loading Techniques

Kitty MeiLet’s Move It! Gel Electrophoresis Using Food Dyes