mtDNA PCR Workshop
Saturday, December 7, 2019
Learn about Mitochondrial DNA and its role in helping us understand human ancestry.

About the Workshop
In this workshop, we focus on the unique characteristics of human mtDNA. This lesson and lab will provide students with tools to answer the question: Does your DNA tell you your race, ancestry, or both?

BABEC Program Managers Elizabeth Doggett and Michael Fuller will use NGSS-aligned lesson plans, curriculum and lab protocols in real time so that teachers will be ready to run this lab experience in their own classrooms after completing the workshop.

In the lab portion of this lesson, you will extract DNA from your cheek cells and amplify a segment of mtDNA by PCR. We’ll then visualize results using gel electrophoresis and learn how to identify deep ancestry by analyzing mtDNA sequences. This lab provides an opportunity for students to use multiple important biotechnology skills including micropipetting, PCR, and gel electrophoresis.

Jennielyn Dino-RossimtDNA PCR Workshop 2019