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Our Strawberry DNA Extraction lab is open source – check it out!


COVID-19 Pandemic Project

Video Overview (2:57)
Lesson Resources

COVID-19 Testing Lab

Coming Soon Spring 2021

Skill Building Activity Guides

Introduction to Micropipetting

Video Overview (1:20)
Activity Guide

Introductory Labs

Genetic Engineering with Bacterial Transformation

Bacterial Transformation
without Gene Regulation

Video Overview (2:34)
Lesson Resources

Bacterial Transformation
with Gene Regulation

Video Overview (2:08)
Lesson Resources

Protein Purification: Isolating
Fluorescent Protein from Bacteria

Coming Spring 2021

DNA Analysis Using PCR

Alu PCR: Jumping Genes
in our DNA

Coming Spring 2021

mtDNA PCR: What does genetics
tell us about race and ancestry?

Video Overview (4:22)
Lesson Resources

Wolbachia PCR: Discovering
the Microbes Within

Coming Spring 2021

GMO PCR: Has the DNA in my
food been modified?

Lesson Resources

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