Portable Biotech Labs

Curious about teaching biotech in your classroom, but don’t have the necessary equipment?  Try one of our portable biotech laboratories!  It has everything you need to implement our curriculum.

The key to BABEC’s almost 20-year success lies in the fact that our portable laboratories embody a built-in scalable efficiency.  They are mobile and move from classroom to classroom and school to school, permitting hands-on science experiences for students, without the high costs of a permanent lab. Instead of sitting permanently in one classroom all year, getting used only a few times, our educational science materials are used almost every week of the school year.  BABEC laboratory materials reach an exponentially greater number of students through this mechanism, helping to increase equity in science education.

Portable Biotech Labs Include:

 thermal-cyclers centrifuges micro-pipettes
heat-blocks electrophoresis-equipment

Supplies Include:

reagents-buffers enzymes pipette-tips
Kristen WolslegelPortable Biotech Labs