Getting Started with Lab Skills

DNA in Our Food? Strawberry DNA Extraction
Strawberry DNA Extraction Student Guide
Strawberry DNA Extraction Slides

Micropipetting Student Guide
Precision Pipette Templates
Eye Dropper Analogy
Micropipetting Slides
Pipette Card Matching Activity

Let’s Move It! Gel Electrophoresis Using Food Dyes
Gel Electrophoresis Student Guide
Dye Electrophoresis Time Lapse Video
Dye Migration – From 4:09-4:18
How to Set-up and Load a Gel
Improper Gel Loading Techniques

Forensic Science Lab Activities

Come on Watson, The Game is Afoot!
Forensics DNA Fingerprinting Student Guide

Bacterial Transformation 

pGLO – Bacterial Transformation Student Laboratory Guide
pKiwi – Bacterial Transformation Student Laboratory Guide

PCR Materials

Alu PCR Student Laboratory Guide
Alu Lecture Slides
Allele Server at DNA Learning Center
How Alu Jumps
Alu elements: know the SINEs
Active Alu retrotransposons in the human genome
Genetic Origins
How Alu Jumps: An animation from the Dolan DNA Learning Center

D1S80 VNTR PCR Student Laboratory Guide
Research paper on the science behind this curriculum
PCR in Forensic Science
The science of Forensic Genetics
The First DNA Fingerprint

GMO PCR Student Laboratory Guide
GMO Lecture Slides

Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
MtDNA PCR Student Laboratory Guide

mtDNA Lecture Slides
Mitochondrial DNA Results – What Do They Mean and What Do I Do With Them?
What is a Haplogroup?
Mitochondrial DNA haplotypes for dummies
A Single Migration from Africa Populated the World

PCR Optimization
PCR Optimization Student Laboratory Guide

Understanding the Components of PCR
Lambda PCR Student Laboratory Guide
PCR Virtual Lab
PBS Learning Media
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Kary Mullis – the inventor of PCR
DNA Learning Center
How to set up a PCR

Wolbachia PCR
Wolbachia Student Laboratory Guide
Wolbachia Lecture Slides

Kitty MeiStudent Materials