Getting Started with Lab Skills Teaching Materials

DNA in Our Food? Strawberry DNA Extraction
Strawberry DNA Extraction Teacher Guide
Strawberry DNA Extraction Slides
Strawberry DNA Extraction – Alcohol Introduction – Use this to start off your phenomenon. It shows the interface that forms with the addition of alcohol to the strawberry extract

Micropipetting Teacher Guide
Pipette Art Pictures
Pipette Art Grid Templates
Precision Pipette Templates
Eye Dropper Analogy
Micropipetting Slides
Pipette Card Matching Activity
Pipetting Comic

Let’s Move It! Gel Electrophoresis Using Food Dyes
Gel Electrophoresis Teacher Guide

Forensic Science Lab Activities

Come on Watson, The Game is Afoot!
Forensics DNA Fingerprinting Teacher Guide
Use these to come up with scenarios using wildlife conservation as the topic: 1 and 2
Wildlife Poaching Activity from HHMI
A real life example of a violent crime
Other Examples
Exoneration of crime using DNA Fingerprinting

Bacterial Transformation Teaching Materials

pGLO Teacher Guide
pKiwi Teacher Guide
Re-envisioning Bacterial Transformation for NGSS
Using Phenomena and Modeling in pGLO transformation

PCR Teaching Materials

Alu Teacher Guide
Alu Lecture Slides
Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Teaching Supplement

D1S80 Teacher Guide
Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Teaching Supplement 

GMO Teacher Guide
GMO Lecture Slides
GMO DNA Extraction Teaching Supplement

Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
mtDNA Teacher Guide
mtDNA Sequencing Supplement
mtDNA Lecture Slides
Cheek Cell DNA Extraction Teaching Supplement
Mitochondrial DNA Results – What Do They Mean and What Do I Do With Them?
What is a Haplogroup?
Mitochondrial DNA haplotypes for dummies
A Single Migration from Africa Populated the World

PCR Optimization
PCR Optimization Teacher Guide

Understanding the Components of PCR
Introduction to PCR Teacher Guide

Wolbachia PCR
Wolbachia Teacher Guide
Wolbachia Lecture Slides
Wolbachia Teaching Supplement for DNA Extraction

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