Meet BABEC’s summer high school student intern!

Meet BABEC’s summer high school student intern, Christina Lin! Christina started working with BABEC in June and has been helping with reagent preparation and getting the portable laboratory updated and prepared for the 2018-2019 school year. We’ve greatly enjoyed having her join our team.

Some of you may be curious as to what a BABEC summer high school intern is and what they might do. To answer that, we sat down with Christina for an informal Q&A.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I was born and raised in the Bay Area and am currently going to school at San Mateo High School. Of all the classes I have taken, my favorite classes have always been my science classes because I love trying to understand how things work. Whether as a tutor for biology or as president of my high school’s Women in STEM (WiSTEM) club, a club that I started in order to get other girls excited about STEM fields, I want to share my passion for science with others.

I am strongly considering pursuing a career in the sciences, so my internship at BABEC has given me a better idea of what this might be like. Music is also a huge part of my life as I play both the piano and violin. As concertmaster of my school orchestra, I have played throughout the community and in the orchestra pit for multiple musical theater productions. I also play with the Peninsula Youth Orchestra and have especially enjoyed playing on international tours in Europe. In addition, I enjoy volunteering in my community, helping patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and being an active member of my city’s Youth Activities Council.

How did you learn about interning at BABEC? Why was this opportunity interesting to you?
The practical applications of biotechnology can be seen all around us, and I am excited by how biotechnology

can be useful in research and future discoveries. I was first inspired by biotechnology when I was in middle school and had the opportunity to extract and analyze DNA in a summer science program. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to continue biotechnology as a class at San Mateo High School with its state-of-the-art labs and training facility. Through my high school’s biotechnology program, I was able to get an internship with BABEC. Not only has my internship at BABEC help me gain more hands-on laboratory experience, but it has also given me the opportunity to help provide biotechnology experiences to other Bay Area students who may not have had this exposure otherwise.

What have you been doing as an intern?
As an intern at BABEC, I have had the wonderful opportunity to gain real-world work experience. I have helped with refurbishing portable biotechnology labs and making sure that everything is in working order for the upcoming school year. I have also gained hands-on laboratory experience by preparing a variety of chemical reagents, performing plasmid preparations, and learning other exciting laboratory procedures and skills.

What’s been your most memorable experience?
I have been thoroughly enjoying my experience at BABEC, but my most memorable experience would definitely be of the people that I work with. I have been excited to learn new things and to work side by side with experts in the science and education field. I am also inspired by the group’s mission and enthusiasm of making biotechnology education available to everyone.

From a student perceptive, why is BABEC important for the biotechnology/biosciences community?
The biotechnology industry is growing, and I believe more students need to be introduced to advancing technology in the biosciences. It is wonderful that BABEC provides teachers the opportunities to practice real science in their classrooms by giving them the materials and tools that they need to accomplish this goal. Students learn better with hands-on exposure through laboratory experiments, and many of these experiments make learning more fun and exciting. BABEC supports an active-learning model, and I believe that their work will help prepare and inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

Thanks so much Christina for chatting with us today! For more information about future internship opportunities, please monitor our Job Openings page or Contact Us for more information.

Kristen WolslegelMeet BABEC’s summer high school student intern!