The teachers behind BABEC curriculum updates

One of BABEC’s core values is to be responsive to teacher needs by providing relevant, teacher-generated content. This summer, BABEC has been working to meet that core value by updating and aligning our curriculum with to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Any seasoned educator will tell you this is a Herculean task, so we have been extremely fortunate to be working with teachers across the Bay Area to help us tackle this project.

Given all their hard work, we wanted to introduce you to this amazing team that has been working side-by-side with BABEC personal. We could not have done this without them!

Debbie Clark
Debbie teaches biology and biotechnology at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo and since 2012 she has been a biotechnology teacher for the Advanced Talent and Development Program at Cal during the summer. She became involved with BABEC in 2002 and is currently a BABEC board member. Debbie is very excited to be part of updating the BABEC curriculum as she wants more teachers to experience the excitement she’s had over the years using BABEC lessons. She hopes that the NGSS aligned lessons will encourage more teachers to participate in BABEC trainings and bring  this curriculum to their students. In her spare time, Debbie enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and honing her skills as a novice birdwatcher.

Elizabeth Doggett
Elizabeth teaches biology and biotechnology at San Mateo High School and have been using BABEC curriculum since her student teaching days at Sequoia High School. The bacterial transformation lab is an essential part of Elizabeth’s curriculum so she has been excited to help with making it more accessible to English Language Learners as it provides an elegant context for students to ask questions and deepen their understanding of genetic engineering, the role of DNA in determining traits, and is just a fun, awe-inspiring lab. When not tackling curriculum, Elizabeth has spent her summer traveling to Africa with her husband, including a safari in Tanzania where they witnessed amazing ecological population dynamics in action!

Michelle Lafevre-Bernt
Michelle teaches Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology at San Marin High School in Novat and has used BABEC curriculum since 2009. She volunteered to help with the updates because she believes that the BABEC curricula are a valuable resource to those who teach and learn biotech in the San Francisco Bay Area, and believe in the BABEC mission to bring current, relevant biotech experiences to students. Michelle have worked extensively on aligning  the life science curriculum for her school district with the Next Generation Science Standards, making her a valuable resource as BABEC updates and aligns their curricula to NGSS. In her down time, Michelle enjoys reading, gardening, hiking and camping and recently spent time in Washington DC with her brother, sister and their spouses.

Kent Morales
Kent teaches Biology and Physiology at San Rafael High School and have been using BABEC curriculum for four years. Working on this curriculum allows Kent to learn more about biotech and teaching from the wonderful teachers and professionals on the team. It also has allowed him to reflect on how we can make biotech more exciting and accessible for our students so that they can possibly pursue a career in the field one day. When not swimming or working in the yard this summer, Kent have been preparing for a backpacking adventure with his wife and two young children in the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Patrick Roisen
Patrick teaches AP Biology and Integrated Science at Menlo-Atherton High School, has been using the Gene Connection/BABEC curriculum for 25 years and part of BABEC for 24 years. Patrick volunteered to help update the curriculum because he feels biotechnology is incredibly important for students to learn about, both for possible careers, but also so they can make informed decisions about the laws that need to be developed around biotechnology. This summer, Patrick went to Norway, and climbed up to see a glacier up close.



Denise Kwan
Denise teaches Biology for Newcomers and AP Environmental Science at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. She is new to the BABEC community and used its curriculum for the first time last year! Denise volunteered to help with the updates to make the information clearer to other teachers who are new to BABEC. This summer, Denise went to Europe with her family; her favorite landmark was La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


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Kristen WolslegelThe teachers behind BABEC curriculum updates