BABEC 2.0 – Curriculum Classics for the New Era!
2018 Fall Kickoff, September 8th

On September 8th, over 100 high school teachers, community college instructors, high school/community college administrations and science education supporters from across the Bay Area gathered to network with their colleagues and learn about BABEC 2.0.

In addition to introducing the new team, BABEC rolled out its new curriculum framework. The curriculum updates include lesson plans, activity guides, lecture slides and other resources that are meant to be edited and adjusted for high school and community college instructors to help enhance their biotech instruction. See the day’s full agenda here.

The Keynote presentation by Jeff Schinske highlighted using Scientist Spotlights in enhance students, demonstrating that anyone with the will and desire can practice science. Gianne Souza from Abraham High School spoke how she has adapted Scientist Spotlights for her high school students, showing data about the impact these exercises are having on increasing diversity in STEM.

Watch the Keynote Address below:

Click on these links for slides from Keynote presentations by Jeff Schinske and Gianne Souza.

In addition to an engaging Keynote, we hosted a discussion panel including teachers from across the Bay Area at various stages in their careers discussing NGSS, how the new standards have impacted their teaching and how they use BABEC curriculum to engage their students with the new framework.

Following the talks, participants had the option to either attend one of two concurrent workshops lead by BABEC Teachers-in-Residence Alton Lee and Michelle LaFevre-Bernt, or visit hands-on exhibits showcasing BABEC Getting Started with Lab Skills curriculum and DNA analysis with PCR lessons.

Lunch & Learn featured drop-in discussion tables giving attendees opportunities like:
* Talk with an NGSS Expert
* Biotech teaching strategies for English Language Learners
* More resources for Scientist Spotlights
* Partnering with community colleges for work-based learning with BioSCOPE


Many teachers took home free science supplies, while posing for photos with their goodies!

Thanks to everyone who attended this years’ Fall Kickoff! It was an amazing day of learning, discussion and networking. And special thank you our sponsors for making this event possible:

2016 Fall Kickoff, September 10

Dr. Bruce Alberts
Presentation Download: “Empowering Our Best Teachers to Make School Districts Wise”
Website: iBiology Educator Resources
In the news: Discoveries in DNA replication, and leadership in science and education

Dr. Jason Peters
Presentation Download: “A Primer on CRISPR, and Adaptations for the Classroom”
CRISPR Video: Cas9: The Enzyme, The RNA, & The Virus

Mr. Jim Clark
Presentation Download: “Re-envisioning pGLO for NGSS”

Photo Highlights

Kristen WolslegelWorkshop Resources