Professional Development

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BABEC provides a wide variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year. All of our workshops and training sessions support teachers in implementing our NGSS-aligned lessons and hands-on lab activities in their classrooms.

Virtual PD

Live Online Workshops
90 minute workshops facilitated by the BABEC Curriculum Team on Zoom. These workshops are focused on creating space for teachers to engage with their colleagues to explore a particular BABEC lesson and plan together.

Coffee, Curriculum, and Collaboration
Informal teacher conversations on Zoom, facilitated by the BABEC Team. These bi-weekly calls are an opportunity for anyone teaching biotechnology to have casual conversations with their colleagues and build community and camaraderie during remote learning.

Office Hours with the Curriculum Team
Weekly Zoom drop-in sessions for teachers hosted by BABEC Program Managers. Office hours provide an informal way for teachers to bring their questions about BABEC lessons and receive one-on-one support.

In-Person PD

Annual Fall Conference
The place to be if you teach any type biotech at all; be it a one-week lesson, a full year course, or aspiring to do so. A one-of-a-kind event for teachers in the Bay Area who enjoy bring hands-on molecular biology to their students. Inspiring keynote speakers, relevant hot topics, and lots of time to meet and build community with like-minded colleagues that last a lifetime.

Saturday Workshops
All-day workshops on Saturdays provide in-depth instruction on both the pedagogy and the hands-on components of our lessons. Workshops generally run from 8:30am to 3:30pm and include breakfast, lunch, and teacher stipends. Saturday Workshops are great for teachers who are new or experienced in teaching BABEC lessons, like to network and learn from other educators, and desire in-depth coverage of a lesson.

After-School Small Group Sessions
These training sessions are customized for groups of 3-10 teachers and cover a lesson of your choosing. In these smaller 3-hour sessions we can focus on the unique needs of the specific group. After-school small sessions are great for teachers who prefer shorter sessions with more individual attention, and who need assistance in a timely way to teach the lesson sooner.

One-on-One Sessions
One-on-one sessions can be done on-site and/or by video conference. During these 1 to 1.5 hour sessions that can span several meetings, our Program Managers go over the lesson of your choice and provide guidance on classroom setup and equipment logistics as well as lab and lesson workflow. We can also provide occasional in-person assistance during classroom implementation. One-on-one sessions are great for teachers who desire customized assistance on 1 or more lessons in-class assistance with equipment set-up, materials logistics, and workflow.

District PD
We develop training sessions for school district professional development days. We can work with district science leads to provide professional development on a BABEC lesson of your choice in the time span appropriate for your event. These types of sessions are great for teachers who are curious to see what BABEC lessons are about and how they can fit into their curriculum, without making a big commitment.