Julio Catalan

Logistics Coordinator

Julio Catalan works as the Logistics Coordinator where he ensures BABEC supplies inventory are organized, prepare Reagent Kits and Equipment for clients, schedule and make on-site deliveries. Julio also represents BABEC as a liaison with BIOScope projects in collaborations with participating community colleges.

Julio joined BABEC in May 2021 while completing his Biotechnology Manufacturing Assistant Certification at Skyline College and has been instrumental in drafting a new warehouse layout for inventory at BABEC’s Burlingame location and streamlining inventory documentation.  

Julio has an A.S. in Math and Science from the City College of San Francisco, possesses lifelong interest for the life sciences especially animal biology, and he enjoys walking and caring for his dog. 

Elizabeth Doggett

Curriculum Lead and Program Manager

Elizabeth leads BABEC’s Curriculum Team and helps coordinate the portable lab program in San Mateo County. She joined BABEC in July 2019 and loves collaborating with teachers to create engaging, phenomenon-driven science lessons.

Before joining BABEC, Elizabeth taught biology and biotechnology at San Mateo High School. Before teaching, she worked as a professional research assistant in a lab studying a gene associated with Parkinson’s disease. When she is not working at BABEC, Elizabeth enjoys her time by doing modern dance, traveling, reading and hiking.

Elizabeth received her BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from University of Colorado at Boulder and her Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University.

Michael Fuller

Pathways Development Lead & Program Manager

Michael works as a program manager supporting teachers in San Francisco implement biotechnology lessons into their classrooms.  Before joining BABEC, Michael was Principal of Gateway High School where he focused on increasing access to STEM related classes and experiences. He also taught biology, biotechnology and AP biology courses during his 20-year tenure at two public high schools in San Francisco.  Most recently, Michael began teaching a Dual Enrollment Biotechnology course at Skyline Community College. Before his teaching career, he worked for Gilead Sciences in the department of Virology focusing mainly on HIV resistance to reverse transcriptase inhibitors.  

He is a devoted fan of reading, running, tennis, the Giants and 49ers, but spends most of his free time chasing around his two kids.

Michael graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Genetics and holds California Administrative and Life Sciences Teaching credentials.

Christina Le

Program Manager

Christina supports high school teachers in the East Bay who want to bring biotech into their classrooms. As a science education advocate, Christina considers science the foundation for understanding the world and making smarter and informed decisions for the community. She is very excited to share her passion for science in the East Bay.

Christina joined BABEC in March 2020 shortly before Bay Area wide shelter-in-place orders. During this time, Christina reviewed current curriculum and developed new curriculum for BABEC laboratory classroom experiences. Before joining BABEC, Christina worked at CW Analytical Laboratories. Prior to that, she was a high school science teacher in East Los Angeles.

Christina received a Master’s Degree in Education and a CA Teaching Credeitial from UCLA, where she also received a Noyce Teacher Scholarchip.  During her free time, Christina enjoys activities that involve being outdoors. You can find her gardening, camping or swimming.

Ying-Tsu Loh

Executive Director

Ying-Tsu leads BABEC in strategic and business development and oversees the growth of the BABEC team. She provides leadership on BABEC’s collaborative projects with educational and other nonprofit partners. This includes BioSCOPE, a collaborative project with several community colleges in the Bay Area. Her favorite motto is “continuous improvement” so BABEC can provide quality curricula, products and services to BABEC’s teachers, while improving productivity, efficiency and practices within BABEC.

Ying-Tsu joined BABEC in 2016 and has held several roles as project and operations directors in the past. She’s currently a Mentor-Connect Fellow and on the Leadership Team with InnovATEBIO where she champions the Supply Chain Hub. She is also a faculty member in the Biotechnology Program at CCSF, where she has taught since 2004.

Ying-Tsu received her PhD from Purdue University in agronomy and plant molecular biology. She is an active member of the Scouts of America, being the mom of two Eagle Scouts. She loves camping and hiking, always searching for the most breathtaking views in the world.

Kitty Mei

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Kitty Mei oversees the lab operations and the supply chain process throughout all the high schools in the Bay Area. She also serves as the webmaster for BABEC’s website.

Kitty joined BABEC in 2017 and was instrumental in developing the infrastructure for operating the lab during BABEC’s relocation to CCSF Mission Campus.

Kristen Wolslegel

Director of Administration & Finance

Executive Director Emeritus

Kristen served as Executive Director of BABEC for six years (2015-2021). Under her leadership BABEC’s budget and team quadroupled in size, and its impact on bioscience education – both regionally and nationally – grew exponentially. In 2021 she chose to transition into leading the organization’s financial and long-term sustainability efforts.

Throughout her tenure at BABEC, her main focus has been to leverage her dual knowledge of biotechnology and the nonprofit sector to create sustainable partnerships in support of science education. In 2018 she received a Leadership Award from the CCSF Board of Trustees for or successful efforts connecting the CCSF Biotechnology Program to high school science teachers and classrooms in San Francisco. Kristen is also a faculty member in the Biotechnology Program at City College of San Francisco. Before transitioning into the science education and nonprofit field, Kristen was an immunologist at Genentech and UCSF, where she studied autoimmune diseases.

Kristen earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Management from San Francisco State University.  She completed a graduate fellowship at CalNonprofits, a statewide agency engaged in advocacy and policy development for California’s nonprofit sector. Kristen received a BA in Latin American Studies and Spanish from University of Connecticut.

Amanda Cherry
Paradise Valley HS
Phoenix, AZ

The curriculum materials are beautifully prepared and easy to understand-thanks for preparing such great resources that are easy to use.

Byron Gougoumis
Burton HS
San Francisco, CA

All Babec labs are well organised and modelled effectively with clear, helpful procedural instructions, easily transposed to the classroom.

Gianne Souza
Lincoln HS
San Francisco, CA

The online resources are SO well done! The best I have ever had. Very little modification to make them clear and easy to follow. I have done two BABEC lessons and they are so well made that they made teaching online fun again.

Heather Johnson
Burlingame HS
Burlingame, CA

When doing the BABEC labs I consistently hear students say they feel like "real scientists."

Marianne Gudmundsson
Glenbrook South HS
Glenview, IL

Well organized and scaffolded; flexible structure and can be used partially or as a whole. This unit can be used as is...superbly written and thought out...incorporates many skills and allows student collaboration and student choice/voice.

Rocky Ng
South San Francisco HS
South San Francisco, CA

Thank you for creating these curriculum materials. I am beyond grateful for the quality lessons, on-the-point figures/videos, and easy-to-navigate biotechnology curriculum.

Thi Ngo
Capuchino HS
San Bruno, CA

The level of support really made the whole process easier and encouraged me to continue incorporating biotech into my curriculum. Thank you for the live assistance during the labs and for responding to inquiries so promptly and with such urgency.

Anonymous Teacher

Really well thought out curricula. Great to see "old" activities that have been re-imagined with lots of consideration to NGSS.

Anonymous Teacher

This was the best educational workshop I have had the honor of attending, and I am so thankful.

Anonymous Teacher

Wonderfully executed. Strengthened my skills. Thank you!!

Anonymous Teacher

BABEC has such a strong positive impact on teachers and students - thank you for your amazing work!