Supply Chain BioManufacturing Hub

What is the goal of this hub? Prepare students for high-demand, high-wage jobs in the Life Science/Biotechnology sector through hands-on, real-life biomanufacturing experiences. We serve as a resource for faculty to implement supply chain biomanufacturing. 

What is Supply Chain BioManufacturing? A work-based learning (WBL) project that provides community college and high school students with skills-based job training through the production of low-cost educational bio-materials and kits in compliance with quality and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Programs and classrooms benefit from the high-quality, low-cost products in their hands-on biotechnology lessons.

How do faculty participate in the implementation? We developed BioSCOPE 101, a collection of standard operating procedures, batch records, flow charts, and presentations in a Canvas platform. This resource can be easily integrated into your Canvas module or Google classroom.

What are the projects? There are seven Supply Chain BioManufacturing projects, including:

    1. Aliquots (ex. buffers, Chelex)
    2. Luria broth plates
    3. Agarose gel
    4. PCR
  1. 5. Bacterial transformation
  2. 6. Protein purification
  3. 7. Histology slides production

      What should you consider if you wish to implement a Supply Chain BioManufacturing project? Use the Planning Questions or the Process Development Process Chart (PDPC) Process Decision Program Chart to help guide you.

      READY to implement a Supply Chain BioManufacturing project? Please click on the button to the right to fill out the survey and get access to the Canvas link for BioSCOPE 101.

      Questions? Please contact the Supply Chain BioManufacturing Hub Ying-Tsu Loh, [email protected]; Terri Quenzer [email protected]  or Emily Quach [email protected]

      Amanda Cherry
      Paradise Valley HS
      Phoenix, AZ

      The curriculum materials are beautifully prepared and easy to understand-thanks for preparing such great resources that are easy to use.

      Byron Gougoumis
      Burton HS
      San Francisco, CA

      All Babec labs are well organised and modelled effectively with clear, helpful procedural instructions, easily transposed to the classroom.

      Gianne Souza
      Lincoln HS
      San Francisco, CA

      The online resources are SO well done! The best I have ever had. Very little modification to make them clear and easy to follow. I have done two BABEC lessons and they are so well made that they made teaching online fun again.

      Heather Johnson
      Burlingame HS
      Burlingame, CA

      When doing the BABEC labs I consistently hear students say they feel like "real scientists."

      Marianne Gudmundsson
      Glenbrook South HS
      Glenview, IL

      Well organized and scaffolded; flexible structure and can be used partially or as a whole. This unit can be used as is...superbly written and thought out...incorporates many skills and allows student collaboration and student choice/voice.

      Rocky Ng
      South San Francisco HS
      South San Francisco, CA

      Thank you for creating these curriculum materials. I am beyond grateful for the quality lessons, on-the-point figures/videos, and easy-to-navigate biotechnology curriculum.

      Thi Ngo
      Capuchino HS
      San Bruno, CA

      The level of support really made the whole process easier and encouraged me to continue incorporating biotech into my curriculum. Thank you for the live assistance during the labs and for responding to inquiries so promptly and with such urgency.

      Anonymous Teacher

      Really well thought out curricula. Great to see "old" activities that have been re-imagined with lots of consideration to NGSS.

      Anonymous Teacher

      This was the best educational workshop I have had the honor of attending, and I am so thankful.

      Anonymous Teacher

      Wonderfully executed. Strengthened my skills. Thank you!!

      Anonymous Teacher

      BABEC has such a strong positive impact on teachers and students - thank you for your amazing work!